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Computer Lab - The School has state-of-the art computer labs for students at all levels to support the academic Study of Computer Science as a subject. We are technology Committed to ensure that our students have the advantage of being familiar with up to date technology advance in IT based educational initiatives.

Sports - Games at JP Public Academy are played with Much ferver and passion. There is emphasis given regular exercise and physical fitness. Outdoor. Sports facilities include cricket, football, Judo, Badminton and basket ball. It also offers wide range of indoor sports facilities like chess, Jude and carom.

Library - Our well stocked library provides a research area within the school for studying and reading. The library houses a huge spectrum of books and subscribes to various periodicals and journals: This encourages and inculcates in the Student a love for Grading.

Physics Lab - The Physics lab is well stocked with the latest instruments and apparatus. The lob is a well Ventilated hall and equipped with a wide range of newly mechanized tools. The students of every cbcs are mode to visit the bb once a week The Students develop practical skills and use various applications of physics while performing the practicals.

Chemistry Lab - The Chemistry Lab is nurturing the hid potential of our students to explore their scientific Stomper The chemistry lab is a well ventilated hall is annual upgraded with the latest equipments and safety gadget The aside and other seactive chemicals are stored in sepassade cupboards as a precautionary measure. The students are provided with separate workstations for their individual and better development.

Biology Lab - To provide first hand knowledge to the Students about the subject, the Biology fully equipped with all the required specimens, thus helping students to acquire necessary skills and confidence on innovative environment. Besides aforesaid the lob also has charts and Models Meant for demonstrations. The lob is expansive and does not restrict any kind of movement requisite during demonstrations.

Art &Croft Room - At JP Public Academy. we believe that in every person there is an artist and to explore the potential of students we have specialized art & croft Room where the art and croft teacher allows the students to work with a free mind. Dance & Music Room - Music is given prime importance as part of the school curriculum in JP Public Academy Students are exposed to the various forms of vocal and instrumental Music. In the Music room all basic Musical equipments are Mode available to the students. They are encouraged to learn instruments like the toba drums, guitar, Keyboard and others.

hertific M JP Public prehensive Academy believes in provid care for the students and for that "have a beautiful infirmary in place. In any Emergency during school hours first aid is administered to the students and a call is Made to the parents informing them of the Same.

Student Security - In order to ensure security Coverage in and around our campus, we have trained security personnel for round the clock Security. Some of the salient features of our Security includes
6 Trained security personnel at all important Locations
( Wireless intercom connecting all the important points in the school.)

6 Mondatory check at the entrance gate so that no trespassers can get inside the campus. Compay is under CCTV Surveillance 24x7 had classrooms.

6 Only parents / authorized local quarcions allowed to take students out of the school.

Vehicle Parking - Parking vehicle in a school ground is a privilege for students and staff. We have ample space for parking cycles of students and private velicks of the staff. Illegal car parking is not allowed outside the school premises Parents are only allowed to drop off and pick up their ward from School gate, so tha Children are safe and no there for public traffic. obstruction will be