Academics General Guidelines

  • 1. Pre-requisite to leam is regularity, you are requested to encourage your child to be regular to the school
  • 2. Please spend quality time with your child and enquire about the activities of the school in a friendly manner and appreciate all his/her efforts.
  • 3. Make the child feel special, wanted and missed when he/she comes back from the school
  • 4. Talk about the next day's activities at home
  • 5. Read the circulars and the notes carefully sent by the teachers
  • 6. Encourage your child to be responsible about his/her belongings
  • 7. Students are not allowed to leave during the school hours. Leave for half day is not permitted
  • 8. Avoid sending your child to the school in case he/she is unwell
  • 9. Do not send any expensive tems with your child to the school
  • 10. Birthdays to be celebrated in the school by distributing a sweet to each child
  • 11. Kindly intimate the school about any change in the address phone number or e-mail id
  • 12. Ensure that your child cames two sets of clothes and footwear (labelled) for any emergency on the first day of the school
  • 13. No visitors will be allowed to contact any student is granted without the
  • 14. No long leave of absence more than a week) prior permission of the Principal unless the child is a
  • 15. A medical Certificate need to be submitted on joining the school
  • 16. A leave application is necessary for any leave taken by the child it has to be sent to the school the day the child joins back
  • 17. A long leave of a week without any intimation to the school renders the child's name to be struck off from the rolls of the school .
  • 18. Re-admission may be granted only at the discretion of the Principal.
  • 19. Students suffering from the following diseases should observe the period of quarantine.
  • Chicken Pox : Till complete failing of scabs.
    Measles :Till 2 weeks after the rashes disapper.
    Mumps :until the swelling has gone(a month).
    Jaundice :about six weeks.
  • 20. Kindly check the uniform, nails, hair of your ward every morning. They should be immaculately turned out daily
  • 21. Please ensure that your ward carries books according to the TIME- TABLE.
  • 22. A detailed plan of academic learning and activities will be sent to the parents on a monthly basis
  • 23. A transport Declaration Form is required to be filled in by the parent.
  • 24 Kindly pay the school fee on time
  • 25. If the school fee is outstanding for 3 months, the name of the child will be struck off the rolls. Re-admission will be given to the child on clearance of all the due.

    Fees to be paid regularly by 10th of the specified month at the bank in cast/cheque or online through Entab Application School fees to be paid for 12 months if the school fee is not paid for three consecutive months, the name of the child will be "Struck off the rolls on account of nonpayment of Dues Re- admission will be granted only at the discretion of the Principal on payment of re-admission fees

    The school and the Bank hold no responsibility in event of any discrepancy in fee deposition due to an error in filing of the Name, Class, Section or mention of the wrong admission number by the parents/guardian or the student.

    During holidays of the school, the Bank does not stop taking payment of Fee. They have their own holiday as per the Bank schedule, hence fee can be deposited on all days except Sundays and Bank Holidays.

    School does not hold any authority over the working schedule of the Bank timings Parents must kindly adhere to the bank timings

    Dates of fee collection in the Bank/ or through Entab App will not be extended in event of holidays. No extra days will be permitted in lieu of the holidays Parents are hence, requested to make arrangements accordingly In case the student's name is not appearing in the "fee paid list, the student would be required to show the fee booklet for clarification

    Note : Name, Adm, No., Class and Section of the student must be filled in correctly and legibly on the Fee Book Fee must be paid as per the directions given on the asogned. days to avoid penalty