About Us About School

The school was established in 1983. It is managed by J P Mother Terasa Public School Samiti. J P PUBLIC ACADEMY follows the CBSE-based curriculum and has a teaching methodology aided with Activities that help the child to acquire knowledge in an innovative way. Our goal is a truly educational experience that stimulates minds, stokes imaginations, and broadens the perspectives of pupils. Our preschool helps tiny tots prepare for school life and make those experiences fun, enriching, and rewarding. We want to make sure that their potential is recognized and nurtured early so that they are ahead on the global platform. Each child comes gifted with a unique set of interests and skills. We provide them with a rich variety of extracurricular activities to choose from: Music, Art, Sports, Drama, and club-based activities. We foster healthy competition, cooperation, a sense of community, and respect, in sports and academics, through our house system. It makes its students think critically, seriously, and with scrutiny towards life aspects and situations.