Academics Assessment


CBSE has decided , to make the examinations more " student - centric , transparent , technology - driven , and advance provision of alternatives for different future scenarios " , Keeping this thought in mind , our school J P PUBLIC ACADMEY's exam structure is purely based on the CBSE Exam pattern .

The exam will be conducted in two facets of Term 1 & Term 2

  • Term 1 will be held in the months of SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER while Term 2 will be conducted in the months of FEBURARY AND MARCH
  • Each of the exams will be held on 50 per cent of the Syllabus.
  • The pattern of the Term - l and Term - Il exams will also be different . Students will be assessed based on their conceptual clarity , analytical skills , as well as knowledge of real - life situations.
  • The Term 1 exam will have multiple choice questions including case - based MCQs and assertion reasoning type MCQs
  • The TERM II will have questions in different formats including case - based , situation - based , open ended questions as well as both short and long answer type questions.
  • Apart from both Term - I and Term - Il scores , the internal assessment marks will also be counted for calculating the final score of students . Collection of data based on the performance of students in class and internals will begin with the start of the new academic session.

    As part of internals three periodic tests , student enrichment , portfolio , practical work , speaking listening activities , and projects will be conducted for all the students.

    Exam Sysyem :

    The scholastic session is divided into two terms. Each term ends with a Written Assessment . Marks obtained are recorded in the Result Card . Parents are expected to personally collect the Result Card of their wards on the Result Declaration Day .

    First Term :

    Duration : April to September

    Mid Term Written Assessment : September

    Second Term :

    Duration : October to March

    Final Written Assessment : March

  • 1. Apart from the Term Examinations two more periodic tests will be held for the purpose of gradient learning . Of these tests , one will be pre - midterm in July and the other post midterm in January with a portion of the syllabus cumulatively covered . The gradually increasing syllabus will prepare the students for appearing in the Final Written Assessment with 100 % syllabus . Classes I to V will follow the same examination schedule but the syllabus will be defined by the school .
  • 2. Notebook submission would be a part of internal assessment . This would address the critical aspect of regularity , punctuality, neatness and notebook upkeep .
  • 3. Subject Enrichment Activities aimed at enrichment of the understanding and skill development of specific subjects will be recorded internally.